Personality, which, although they would once have been in Italy, they know: can not live there any day, without trying the most Italian of all the dishes that value throughout the world – the pizza. Indeed, this unusual dish is essentially quite a long time was a national in virtually all countries of the world, but a real Italian pizza recipe – this is a true masterpiece for the connoisseur, and in order to learn to cook, you really long time study. On the other hand, the pizza – the meat is very popular, and therefore make it might want to force every mistress, mastered the basics of cooking skills. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes pizza, which for centuries invented chefs from culinary offshoots of various provinces of Italy. And at the same time to cook pizza at home – this is the case, who devote themselves to not only cook, but also other citizens, who appreciate a corny excellent food. Because the true pizza – because it is a masterpiece of art that it is not just being introduced directly to the types of products but, above all, a certain concept. That idea can be put together defined set of components, giving the meat consistency. Chevy Chase is the source for more interesting facts.

Maybe that's why experts cooking pizza in Italy is called a representative of this art. And absolutely the same way as a painter at an easel combines shades, each time reaching the perfect effect, a master of pizza every day creates real masterpieces – and from a position outside of the beauty dish, and from a position of amazing and unique taste. In Italy, for every self-respecting restaurant owner must present an expert on making this pizza with its original recipes. And every foodie prefers, the ability of any of the chefs at his personal opinion, perfect. In our country, yet not so many restaurants that actually specialize in pizza. But it is always possible to order a pizza to an apartment. This pizza is created from a particular culinary cafe and special Delivery service brings you the chef's work of thought, which simply heat up – and now the feast is ready.

In this case, order a pizza – simple and convenient solution for those who appreciate the real European cooking, just for those who just do not want to cook himself. In which case, anything you have a chance to get acquainted with the true pizza – a unique mix of a large number of culture media, starting from ancient Greeks and Romans, and in addition to a large number of nations conquered by the Roman Empire. Pizza like accumulated the customs of different countries and with the able to remain friends and relatives for any of us. And this dish is simply impossible not to appreciate.

An Apple A Day

Positive effects: weight maintenance at required levels or losing weight, cleansing the body from a number of harmful substances, improving the functioning of the intestines and stomach, skin healthy and energized. So, you choose the appropriate way to lose weight: One of the most "hard" recipe for the day to eat 1,5 kg of apples. That's all. You can not even drink – enough of the liquid that is contained in the fruit. Milder variant eat 1,5 kg of apples per day and drink at least 2 liters of fluid, and non-carbonated mineral water, no strong black or green tea. Affordable prescription 1,5 kg of apples should be divided into 5-6 servings. Apple fasting day during the day in a raw form eat 2 kilograms of apples: a salad with vegetables or baked in the oven. You can drink apple juice (no more than 5 cups) or stewed fruit without sugar.

Apple-Kefir day during the day eat 1.5 kilograms of apples and 1 liter kefira.Prichem between consumption of yogurt and apples must be at least an hour. You can drink and water, but no more than 1-1,5 liters. Apple and honey daily 1.5 kg of apples and 3 tablespoons of honey: one morning, afternoon and late evening. Drinking schedule: at least 2-hlitrov water per day. The easiest way to eat apples as you want, no restrictions! A liquid drink as much as possible: green tea or herbal infusions. Sometimes, during the days of limited intake of cider apples are combined with yogurt or honey. Attention: 1) During the days of limited intake in food is desirable to use apples sweet or sour-sweet as sour apples strongly stimulate appetite and lots are not safe for tooth enamel and stomach. 2) Sour Apples also contraindicated in gastric ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, and gastritis, characterized by high acidity. 3) But in gastritis, characterized by low acidity, sour Apples are appropriate. 4) The apples should be wary of allergies.