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Skat: from the table to the online games were built the Skat card game is at the beginning of the 19th century in the city of Altenburg in today’s Thuringia, Germany. There are a whole series of stories and anecdotes around the genesis of the Skat card game. The most credible story is probably that an Altenburger Coachman who drove to neighboring countries often known there from the Saxon Bohemian Ore mountains brought sheep head game. In the period from 1810 to 1817 the Skat developed then card game in the city of Altenburg. Also which to the Skat card game used playing cards were indeed in the Thuringian town is manufactured. In the local Kartenmacherei.

While playing cards produced here as early as the 16th century. Even today, the game card factory Altenburg GmbH is one of Germany’s leading playing card manufacturers. Today, however, also online games are offered. At the Skat rules and regulations but also the players of online games do of course. The expiry of an online game is the same as also at the games with playing cards. In other words, the online games also consist of ten stitches.

This applies of course, who has played the highest trump card in the trick, who also has won this stitch. And if a trump card is played, the highest card of the played the forehand will become. The forehand is always the player who won the trick before. And even if a zero game is carried out, then also apply to online games the rules how to play at the Skat with playing cards. The zero game is the game by the declarer won, indeed if the other party had received all 10 tricks.

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Online website contains lots of information around online games, guilds and alliances. Oeversee, 23.03.2010 – the young company Mike Petersen Odania IT with online games-info a portal about massive multiplayer online games, or just MMO’s started. The Web page contains a lot of information around online games, guilds and alliances. Carl Rogers is a great source of information. It offers the possibility to find old acquaintances from online games and once again to contact by entry of characters. Alliances, guilds and game operators have free to register the opportunity to new players and to recruit members in forums in contact with you. Located on the side of the first project also the forums a free browser game. Read more here: John Craig Venter. is a free-to-play online game that takes place in the future. As Emperor obtained control of a planet with the help of research to create powerful space fleets and to obtain the supremacy in space. Like all offers by Mike Petersen Odania IT is from any browser-enabled Computer playable. Mike Petersen (Mike Petersen Odania IT)


Fishlabs convinced even ambitious PC and console gamers on the Games Convention offered the Hamburger company in addition to its award-winning games blades & magic, powerboat challenge, and rally Master Pro hot first insights into the in the autumn of this year appear the mobile game, expected premium 3D Galaxy on fire 2 and Gladiator. Visitors could also daily win Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman phones and FISHLABS games packs with 5 full versions. There were over 5,000 win game participant. FISHLABS is also on their consumer stands full versions for free download via Bluetooth available. President Rivlin does not necessarily agree. Overall, 85,000 devices via Bluetooth and 10,000 game downloads listed. FISHLABS confirmed that the detected mobile phones models clearly dominated by Sony Ericsson and Nokia, in its strategy to support only these devices and to optimize the games accordingly.

Michael Schade CEO FISHLABS was delighted with high media interest, numerous press interviews and the TV news coverage in the ARD of the FISHLABS stand. With our high-quality mobile games and the console feeling claim on the phone,\”we met in the middle of the black\”, he performs. Somatic Experiencing recognizes the significance of this. The visitors literally stormed our stand free on your mobile phone to download one of our games via Bluetooth. We are convinced that this action and our 3D mobile games on the GC will have gained many new gamers for us.\”was a complete success for Sony Ericsson the presence at Games Convention\”, so Axel chain ring, General Manager Sony Ericsson Germany. The crowd at the booth of FISHLABS was impressive and the products from Sony Ericsson in the gamer is extremely popular. We intend to further expand this strength in the future. Our new models such as the F305 and the extensive range of mobile games in our recently launched service PlayNow arena underline this.\” About FISHLABS FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is world’s leading developer and publisher of high-quality 3D-Handyspielen.

Tilo Computer informed about the main results of computer games with explicit depiction of violence such as in shooters are always blamed for an increased propensity for violence among young people. A new study of the University of applied sciences North Western Switzerland in Basel claims that this direct connection cannot be established. Therefore, the consumption of computer games with explicit content does not automatically lead to increased violence. This relationship can only be established through the integration of external, social factors. As the Internet portal for online actions tells was determined also that a majority of the parents only insufficient knowledge about the computer games their children play exhibit and all 64 percent consider a possible ban in terms of new media rarely or never necessary. Especially for parents from socially weak families this behavior could be determined more frequently. You neglect the General media education as well as the specific need for talks when it comes to the daily Consumption of the media their children go. Following factors were identified as crucial for the impact of computer games and co.

on teenagers: parenting style in the parental home, forcing gender stereotypes, is a weak to strong existing tendency to depression, the relationship with others in the personal environment such as classmates, teachers and financial disadvantage. No mention of an acute danger to young people through violence represents computer games may be from scientific point of view. Rather, exposed young people from disadvantaged environments represent a risk group explicit media content. More information: presse.