Animal Kingdom

The brainstorm came this man, to write himself a loving rhyme and here to make an own map. In a question-answer forum Mitchell Blutt was the first to reply. In the following weeks, the small, future book was really mean: no matter whether man just at work or while shopping was, it sent him an aphorism after another, so that man no longer knew how it happened; but he should now engage in writing. The book saw for quite some time, that the person is felt great joy, it sent him a rhyme, which included nearly two hundred hand-written manuscript pages in the course of time. So the smart, small book had found its author and a few months later as a real book of real, printed paper with the title speaks the StarChild “bound and sold in bookstores. What was in the book, which was its author, and: what has the author of this information and written down? “” It’s about the soul-be “I am your soul, my” is the lure our higher self, the aspect of love and wisdom within us that each of us will eventually hear and follow in any life. We all carry this longing in our hearts, to fathom the question why, the sense of our existence. Why are we on this earth planet? What does the whole suffering this pain, often expressed by diseases and painful conflicts with other people? Where is God? Why does he not all this misery? Why not across he sweeps this darkness? We find the answer to all these questions in the awareness of the duality of our lives.

We are one with God, not feel it but often. We are spirit, but we are also matter. Our bodies were born from the Animal Kingdom, but we have raised us in the bipedalism, as mankind to make a connection between above and below. We are sent out into the world of matter, the son of the human soul, to gain experience and to heal, everything what we touch.

Thai German

Experienced ladies who already have a relationship with a foreigner behind, lived abroad and may speak the language are in the advantage. You just know the weak points of the Farangs. Those like to feel as welcome saviors of their girl”from the swamp of prostitution. Of course even the barmaids in Bangkok or Phuket is like as a good girl “represent. The marriage to acquaintances and family members is very common here. If you work in a bar or a restaurant, presents itself as a marginal figure in the job sister, cashier, waitress, visits, etc. The foreigner writes to the spontaneously broken Smpathie of the exotic effect of his personality and is adamant: mine is not like the others if you assume that you as a foreign tourist of Thai women who have inconclusive financial intentions and not of the lowest social class belong to or from ISAN, accepted more than 95% not as a marriage candidate of choice, then you are correct in about. Everything else is wishful thinking. Mitchell Blutt may also support this cause.

The contact between foreigners and Thais is therefore determined the absolute majority only by financial interests. The provider sees the better markets for the foreigners for their services. We have a hundred times and even more often heard as the irrefutable truth of amorous Farangs with the striking argument mean is different,”lightly aside wiped is. Who doesn’t want to hear, it must pay the following reports on intermarriage between Thais who work in the tourist milieu and to foreigners minimize nobody sex tourist nor sex worker. They are based on decades of experience and market observation”. We do not deny that also in a Thai German marriage (where the women or their parents from ISAN come and work in the tourist milieu) is possible,. due to mutual more realistic assessment of the situation and with great mutual understanding and immeditate to a satisfactory and also equal partnership to reach. We know even a few such cases, in which this work apparently over several decades.

But this way is not easy. WA(h)Re love evolved since the first edition in January 1999 within a short time to the standard on everything you need to know to look with some humor behind the scenes at the scene. We avoid here basically to moralize the raised index finger. We are also aware that posts of highly different levels will be rendered from declared sex tourists, who openly admits the purpose of his having up to the well-known book author at this point. Of course we have unrestrained cannibalized the Internet, above all, our own forum, for this font. We are concerned in the most realistic representation of the relationship between free and girls in the relationship (Western) tourist bar girl in Thailand is now even. To beat around the Bush, no one will benefit. The truth also in the present case is not always quite so, as they like to cause would write some journalist colleagues. A deeper understanding of the relationships between people of different cultures, and with very different objectives all sides can benefit even the outside observer only. Another goal of the present collection is the disillusionment of the reader and thus the decisive step to avoid financial and also psychological damage on the battlefield of love in Thailand. This book lives of the experiences of its authors, who live in part for decades in Thailand. All reports are based on actual events; the rapporteur and almost all actors are personally known, our editorial staff which we have updated something in that only a few posts in the linguistic form

The Narrative

From it I break up the perception that has is that for Luizinha its envolvement was more sentimental, as mentioned it mentions it to it as girl, is attributed to it characteristic pure, but that the proper Leonardo classifies as without flavor. It does not idealize it with perfect traces and it describes yes it in its bashful gestures detaching distant aspects of a beautiful profile. Already when it is mentioned it places it to the Vidinha as woman and the description that has is characteristic total different of Luizinha. The personage is described in more sensual and attractive aspects evidencing its power of seduction in relation to the men. In addition they were added to its you endow physicists, a well advanced behavior how much to the one of the young women of the time.

Vidinha was shot and objective in its passions. It has the following description of the young woman: Vidinha was one mulatinha of 18 the 20 years, of regular height, wide shoulders modified chest, fine waist and teeny feet; it had the very black eyes and many livings creature, the thick and humid lips, the teeth we alvssimos says, it was a little rested, candy and sharpened. (ALMEIDA, 1999, p.128) For this woman of so beautiful characteristics, Leonardo if leaves to attract provisorily forgetting, the ashamed Luizinha, with which it had had a idlio only of counted looks and subtler. Later, after many confusions already exerting military career it arrives to be married Luizinha. 6.RELAO MAN AND the FAITH the religion in Memories of a Sergeant of Military services already suffers great depression, since it takes care of the realistic trend. The representatives of the clergy who present themselves in the narrative they are endowed with characteristics that if they total deviate from the representation of the church before the society. Beyond what its integrant ones display aspects whose faith and the respeitos decay.

The Story

He does not have a formula stanches to write a story, each author has its peculiar way to arrive at its objective, that is to arrest the expectador and to surprise it the end of the narrative. One of the particularitities of the story and to always present two narratives: explicit and a other implicit one that it fits to the reader perceives it and interprets it. The Story the Muscles, shows the style of its writer Igncio de Loyola Brando, who uses the fantastic narrative, that has its parallel in the dramaturgia of Days Gomes with its ' ' Fantstico&#039 realism; '. CHAPTER 2: Igncio de Loyola Brando: Igncio de Loyola Brando is So Paulo of Araraquara, journalist, currently with 72 years. Joint Commission: the source for more info. Author very censured by the military dictatorship in years 70, had its published romance Zero in Italy, for two years later to be able to publish it in Brazil, romance this that has diverse translations including for the languages Hungarian, korean, German and Spanish.

Beyond literature and of the journalism, Igncio also has a special passion for the cinema, arriving to act as figurante in the film the Payer of Promises, winner of the gold palm in Cannes in the year of 1962. It liveed in France and in Italy, it wrote for theater, beyond romances, where if it detaches Zero, and diverse story books beyond writing for periodicals until the current days. CHAPTER 3: Analysis of the Story the Muscles: a surprising story that tells of fast and ironic form the situation lived for much Brazilian in the period hardest of the military dictatorship (1964 1985), that they had been years 70.