Some news about the medicine among the indigenous Mexica, inform us that they developed good progress in this matter. Everything was, of course, preferably based on the empirical knowledge of the herbs by the people of the fields. Some were dedicated to the professional practice of medicine, and its secrets were passed from parents to children for centuries, accumulating, as it is logical, valuable knowledge and experiences. It is known for certain that in some important towns as Mexico, Texcoco, cholula and Tlaxcala existed hospitals where he attended to the sick, regardless of their economic status. On the other hand, more barbarous or Chichimeca peoples practiced euthanasia, i.e., gave death to patients to prevent them suffering, or awakening compassion, especially in the case of the old. They came as well: after four days of illness, not to be signs of improvement, the closest relatives of the sick gathered in a sort of family Council and chose euthanasia.

For the effect, pierced you an arrow in the hoya’s throat. Then, for three or four days were celebrated funeral parties, with great dances, songs and comelitonas. Once given the Spanish conquest, some indigenous medicines began to be used in European countries such as the luquidambar, copal, balsams, sarsaparilla, purge of Jalapa, etc. Even King Philip ll ordered Mexico to his doctor Francisco hernandez. This, for many years lived with indigenous herbalists and doctors, and back to Spain he published a work in 24 volumes in short, friend reader, interesting news that shares us the eminent don Manuel Orozo and Berra in his monumental ancient history and of the conquest of Mexico.


Occupation with perspective in the field of emergency medical services paramedic a job for the future despite high unemployment there fortunately more jobs with good prospects. As in the Federal Republic of Germany, the company is getting older, there is to do enough in the areas of nursing and emergency medical services. The current population pyramid shows that the number of older generation makes up the largest proportion in Germany. Thus, it can be so said the reverse, that there will be many old people, who want to be maintained or even saved. Whoever saves the old people now, when it comes to a heart attack or similar? It usually is actually not the ambulance, but rather the Recovery Wizard. That’s right, the paramedic! The rescue services in Germany must ensure that lives are saved. They are ready and need to act immediately, when it comes to life and death.

That is why the profession of paramedics in Germany is also a job with perspective. Varied training can the paramedic training at a Rescue school are completed. In principle, the duration of training for the paramedic is two years. idea. The first year is a year with internship shares in a rescue station and Jack. In the second year, the school percentage is rather low. Here, the prospective paramedic meets the practical use in a rescue station of the teaching.

At the end of the training, a nationally recognized exam becomes the paramedic /-in written. In addition, there are good career opportunities in this field. To be as head of the training or who ever wants to work with the fire brigade, but gets this chance with completed training. The paramedic has the most diverse tasks applications of the paramedics. These include life-saving measures to the main tasks, such as emergency care until the arrival of Notarztes, monitoring of the body functions and the dispatch of emergency patients, i.e. the patient will be made transportable. The paramedic is the right hand of Notarztes. Without him, the doctor would not to the point being, the paramedic, the doctor usually picks up. Bottom line anyone looking for a varied and a job with perspective, which should consider training as the paramedics into consideration. Paramedics are needed in the future. We are all getting older over time and are dependent on help in the emergency.