The molecule of frutose originated of the diet, when entering in citosol cellular of the liver or the esqueltico estriado muscle, is fosforilada frutose 1 P for the enzyme fosfofrutoquinase 1. Already frutose originated of the glucose, suffers to isomerisao for the enzyme glicoisomerase if becoming F6P, and later it suffers fosforilao for enzyme PFK in carbon 1 (C1), being thus prepared to give to continuity the metabolic cascade for attainment of energy (AZEVEDO et al., 2009; MIRES et al., 2005). This molecule is an isomer of the glucose molecule, and if they differ for the fact from the glucose to be one aldo-hexose and frutose one ceto-hexose as it shows figure 3 (VOLLHARDT; SCHORE, 2004). Figure 2: glucose molecules and frutose, isomers between itself Figure 2: The demonstrated glucose molecules and frutose as isomeric. Others including Joint Commission International, offer their opinions as well. Source: VOLLHARDT; SCHORE, 2004 3,3 Fosfofrutoquinase (PFK) the PFK is the enzyme of bigger importance, control and regulation of the glicoltica way, catalyzing the third step of this saw, being irreversible it in physiological conditions (NCBI, 2011; STRYER, 1996). This enzyme possesss four identical subunidades (tetrmero) called tetrmero as if it observes in figure 4.

Its regulation if makes in alostrica way, for feedback, through the ATP concentrations and citrate that when they are increased promotes reduction even though or inhibition of the activity of this enzyme. The PFK is found in two isoformas, is M and L, muscular and heptica respectively. In the two hemcias isoformas are operating (CAMPBELL, 2006; NCBI, 2011; STRYER, 1996). When the specific gene of isoforma M is not had, gliclise occurs only in the liver and the hemcias, thus producing muscular weakness. The gene that carries through this codification of the muscular PFK if finds in the number chromosome 12 (CAMPBELL, 2006; GARCI’A et al., 2009; TOSCANO, 2009). Figure 3: Fosfofrutoquinase showing its catalytic and alostricos small farms Source: This deficiency of the PFK in the muscular cells, as well as in the other cells of the organism, generates interruption of the third and more important step of the glicoltica way.

Medical Ecology

"YantarYod" – a dietary supplement of broad-spectrum, shown to apply to people of all ages, from small children to elderly people and pregnant women and nursing mothers. Especially "YantarYod" recommended for people living in ecologically unfavorable regions, as has the property that rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides and other "toxins". "YantarYod" has a significant advantage iodine-containing drugs to others, thanks to the formula of the iodine technology, and release form in the presence of the product's most powerful restorative components – succinic and nicotinic acids. Hear other arguments on the topic with Haley Barbour. This comprehensive composition ensures quick pronounced health, restorative and preventive effect for all organs and body systems. "YantarYod" was developed under the state program to overcome the deficit iodine in the population and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland (goiter), the Kiev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. Marzeev. During the practical application of the product, thousands of people get great results do not only in the prevention of health, but also in the treatment of diseases. The fact that thyroid hormones are involved in all processes of vital activity, and trace element iodine is a substance from which the thyroid iron and produces these hormones. For this reason, iodine deficiency leads to weakening of the functions of all systems, organs, tissues and cells, and this is due to the development of many (if not all) diseases. Turning to the traditional methods treatment, we only remove the symptoms, ie consequences of the disease, the causes of its origin is still intact and in a short period of time the disease again rearing its head.

The Option

The great majority, 53.2% opted to agronomy, followed of medicine veterinary medicine with 25%. It is verified that great majority of the pupils intends to continue in the farming area. These preferences suffer influence related to some aspects such as: the origin of the majority of the pupils to be agricultural; the influence that the course technician in farming exerts on the pupils; still the chance that the pupils see of if deepening the professional area which opted since average education, in the case the course in study. To lock up the inquiry in relation to the academic pretensions of the pupils, the same ones they had answered you discipline if them and methodology used in the course technician in farming had influenced in the enunciated taking of decision in the previous questions and why. The option yes was answered by the majority of the interviewed ones, with 80,4% and the main evidenced reason was related the characteristic that the course has of through its contents, to suggest what the pupil will work or study future. That is, the course presents of clear form the contents in way that the pupils if see in the future playing this or that activity, and through this future visualization they in accordance with takes the decisions the ability level that imagine to have.

The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRATION IN ACTIVITIES AGROPECURIASA to leave of the vision of the pupils, searched to identify to which the importance of the administration in the farming activities. For the same ones they had been in such a way questioned to this respect beyond being questioned how much which knowledge is more important, of the technique or the administration followed of why of the reply. They had been questioned still, if the farming course technician in of this more space the related knowledge the administration, the professional future of the pupils would be better, worse or it would not influence.

Lose Kilos

As you are creating your own diet program fat incinerator, one thing that you should be thinking is on how to lose kilos quickly, now say that those who do not follow the structuring of their diets adequately not going to see the best possible results, and can often find that their diet is actually very difficult to follow. Although what you eat will make a big difference in the results, how you choose to eat foods also relies on the take the time to learn the best combinations of foods for burning fat, be sure that you take your progress up to a maximum level. Let’s take a quick look at what you should know of food fat burning combinations. Mark Hyman, MD has compatible beliefs. Carbohydrates with proteins for early in the day the best approach with his plan on how to lose kilos quickly, will be along with carbohydrate-rich foods, and foods rich in proteins, on the day. Since this is the period in which it is very likely to be more active, to choose to place these foods together, as such, will ensure that carbohydrates are in fact used for purposes of muscle fuel. Especially at the turn of his training period you want to be sure that you are taking in enough carbohydrates, so you must not skip at this time. If do you, you will bring discomfort to your results.

Proteins with fats later in the day the second thing that you should know what the burning fat in food combinations referred later in the day, you should focus more around meals based on proteins with small amounts of healthy fats. Thus, for example, it is possible that a breast of chicken with a salad dressed with olive oil, or that may have some salmon with some steamed vegetables and a few almonds. This will keep your blood sugar levels steady blood and they are no longer so active during this time, to discourage the increase in fat as a result. Make sure that you are moderating the size of the portions with the fat in the diet without However, as it does not increase rapidly in terms of total calories count. Try proteins with vegetables for the success of lose kilos quickly now, if you are someone who is trying to take his loss of kilos to a completely new level, then you will want to consider the possibility of some proteins with vegetables for most of their meals, leaving aside the carbohydrate complexes and dietary fat. Note however that this will be a much more intense diet where the total calories will be much less, but if you can do this for a week or two at a time, is a great way to really start the overall progress that is seen immediately. However, you must get some carbohydrates in whole period of training, because your body needs them to boost their activity, but apart from that, the choice to keep carbohydrates consumed in plant sources, will ensure honestly see how you lose kilos quickly. So there they have some key tips to you, remember food fat burning combinations. By linking appropriate types of food together you can dramatically improve the results obtained while at the same time feeling very well in your diet plan.

Best Weight

I apologize, but I can’t speak you diet here is impossible to vistualmente for my convince you in a few lines that forget to consume food scrap, it certainly is your job! At the end of the day, if you’re seriously enough with regard to eliminate fat from your stomach forever, then you know this well and that this evil. No matter what you decide to eat I would like to tell you that the fiber and water have a great role in changing your body. The fiber is excellent for lose weight and also give your body a feeling of satiety that many foods seem to have. For its part, water is essential to eliminate toxins and keep your body with the best predisposition to that weight loss happens. Other food that you should consider including in your diet of all and each one of your meals is the protein. Protein is necessary if you want to maintain muscle tone.

In addition, the muscle is tissue active it burns calories to keep, so also would be a good idea considering doing exercises with weights or strength exercises to gain some muscle mass. By not consuming enough protein while you want to lose weight you will notice that along with the fat also disappears the muscle. In short, eat healthy, high in fiber, and include proteins in each of your meals in general is an excellent ally to remove that stomach large that you want to delete. That is all, please not landslides my proposal before giving an opportunities. I guarantee that you’ll notice big improvements if you do what I say in a few weeks. If you want to know more I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is now a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition to your favor and bring about the changes you want in your body on a permanent basis with your Ideal body.


What is the cause toxicity? Specialists still not reached a common conclusion, but pregnant women from this no easier. It seriously affects the health and mood. If manifestations of toxicity are associated primarily with the food, then: * Nausea and it is desirable to prevent vomiting. The morning is not getting out of bed, eat a dry cracker or a bit of raisins, dried apricots. Frequent snacks during the day. Make sure that you have not got sick on the street. * There is a need frequent, small portions. In an empty stomach, stomach acid begins to digest its own 'content', which also can cause nausea in pregnancy.

* If by some scents or products you feel bad, you should not tolerate it. Better immediately withdraw from the kitchen where food is prepared than be inappropriate at this time good manners. * Drink plenty of water. The best thing for the body of pregnant women is: – fruit and berry juices, mineral water (without gas), green tea, light vegetable soup. * After eating, do not make any sudden movements.

No need to jump out of bed the morning after a light breakfast. Once you have eaten need some time to maintain a vertical position body. If you are sitting or lying down, the food does not go down, and thrown 'up', could that cause qualm. * Take special vitamins for pregnant women – they are required to fill in missing substances because of toxicosis. If the cause of toxicosis are other aspects of daily life, then: * Do not use perfumes, deodorants, strong-smelling shower gels and scented soap. Decline at the time of the makeup. * Try to use ground transportation, if you disliked the smell of petrol or heavily swayed in the car. * Do not engage in repair of apartments, particularly first months of pregnancy. In addition, if you toxicosis, it will be difficult to live with such an abundance of unpleasant odors, which are very harmful to the health of future child. CARES Act may also support this cause. * Significantly reduce the manifestations of toxicity will help you – a good rest and sleep, daily walks in the fresh air and pleasant atmosphere at work and at home. If you communicate with friends, visiting exhibitions, concerts – you can and forget about the unpleasant state – just the paradox of a …

Potential Pregnancy Issues

80% Of the healthy and healthy couples without any problem to conceive, will take up to six months to achieve a pregnancy. In addition, another 10% of healthy couples, can take up to a year in achieving pregnancy. And yet another 10% of couples will only get the pregnancy in the course of the second year of search. John Craig Venter pursues this goal as well. So if your partner and you have been looking for a pregnancy for one time less than a year, yet there is no reason to think that you’re having trouble getting pregnant. If you’ve been taking birth control pills and some time ago you left them, you should know that in some women the ovary not resumes its normal function but until a few months after leaving the pills.

It may take several anovulatory cycles before you see the first ovulation. This occurs in a small percentage of women, but it may be your case. If you’ve been looking for pregnancy for more than one year, or don’t have much time to wait because you have more than 35 years, then it is time to consult with your doctor gynecologist. The ordered some studies for you and your partner, in order to rule out the most common problems getting pregnant:-alterations of ovulation. This can be corrected with tablets or injections containing hormones. -Polycystic ovary.

In women with this problem the ovulation is altered or does not occur. -Endometriosis. Thickening of the uterine wall that hinders the implantation of the fertilized egg. -Obstruction of the fallopian tubes. It prevents fertilization. -Hyperprolactinemia. High level of prolactin (a hormone) in blood. -Problems with sperm from your partner: low sperm count, or poor motility and survival of them.

Fat Burners

Whip-shaped body should be a rewarding experience, as well as enjoyable experience. There are many people who are all the time looking for perfect 2011, fat burner to help meet all your weight loss goals. This can be a great information that can stabilize anyone in the correct path and present what they should do in order to eat the correct focus and see the results in the easiest way do all healthier choices. The entire concept behind to find the correct components to burn fat is to get that metabolism and functioning of what is processed fast food. If the metabolism is too gradual, there are all the time will be methods for guantee you are going on a daily basis. Do not let the genetics of standing in the way that achieve the healthy body trying to block. Joint Commission is actively involved in the matter. Green tea is known to be one of many more fat burners that there is. This can be a perfect solution to burn fat and improve the amount of energy that is being burned in a base daily.

Drink it as a tea of base and even convert it into a mixture of iced tea that can be filled in any water bottle. That’s the kind of ingredient that will really help out the metabolism and get you pumped higher results. More information is housed here: Nancy-Ann DeParle. In terms of meals consumed, it is all the time a good suggestion to add in some foods that have been known to be one of fat burners many best of 2011. Bean consumption is an easy solution for not only having a bit of protein in the body, however, another must have nutrients. Any type of grain can be added to soups, salads and even entrees. Use the beans pink in order to obtain the best possible results and the body it is true that you will start to lose weight. Proteins can also be necessary and they have had to seek in fat burning food as good also.

Eat lean meat medium equivalent to the hen and the leaner cuts of beef, even to get the correct results. These foods can be prepared any approach the person who likes when too many components are not added. Just keep the simplicity with simple seasonings and prepare it in the most effective approach and that should do the trick. High consumption of correct fat (fat burners) burners, individuals may also be necessary to ensure that you take some time out by the amount of exercise. If the person does not exercise, the road to weight loss and success should not be all the time it will be so easy and fast. However, go out and take a walk or a job will burn the correct power and kicking metabolism up. Kept as constant as possible is the key. Those who believe the correct menu ahead of time often are those who lose, probably the greatest amount of weight. Not only will be the load has to be removed from the load, muscle tissues have tone and ready to run. Do some exercises of power and tone of the base routines to get the perfect body that there are really. Not going to be very difficult to tap in the proper burner 2011 fat (fat burners). Anyone needing guantee make all parts the correct approach will need to refer to this guide in particular.

Sex Positions – The 10 Most Popular Positions For Sex

Sex positions as well as the erotic portal has love positions (erotic positions) such as missionary or spoon – the most popular sex positions & sex techniques determined. The erotic-Portal sex tips is committed to the task, serious and informative about all kinds of love. Therefore, it is of course interesting for which positions are the most fun readers. To our great surprise\”, says Ringo Duhmke, responsible of above all very familiar positions among the top 10 are content to find, where the partners build a close physical proximity.\” The limiting factor, he adds: but if our hit list although the most popular, but not the most commonly practiced sex positions. As for example the missionary position is found much earlier.\” Sex position – 1st place – sex sitting testifies to great intimacy sex in a sitting position, the partners can look at the animal in the eye. In addition, this is Position is very relaxed, because none of the parties is very hard work, to maintain a certain position.

It is therefore also suitable as a transitional position, if it should go again not quite so high. Sex position – 2nd place on the side is lying lying on place 2 of the most popular positions also sex on the side a more relaxed, instead of exhausting affair. Both partners are very close and are not necessarily driven to sporting high performance. With a little imagination can spice up this simple position and is also one of the most popular sex positions. Sex position – 3rd place – back riding comfortable is also the position which made it to number 3 of the most popular sex positions. (N) in the backward riding enjoy the sight of his partner while woman has control of the depth and the speed of penetration. Also in the reverse riding there are variations that can make a little more exciting the lovemaking.

Career In The Communications Industry

Marketing communications master programme starts at the design Academy in berlin for the winter semester of master’s degree at the design Academy in berlin Berlin, August 12, 2008 – sensation marketing, branded entertainment, digital billboards, mobile marketing, alternate reality games, user generated advertising with ever fancier methods try to focus the attention of ad-weary consumers on their offer companies and agencies. Before the spectacular design implementation is a lot of work for communications professionals: in-depth market, competition – and target group analyses, communication-strategic considerations, creative briefs, networking measures, testing legal framework and last but not least the budgeting. The new master in marketing communications at the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) provides the theoretical and practical knowledge for immediate career in the expanding marketing and communication industry in four intensive full time semesters and is aimed at prospective buyers with a completed undergraduate undergraduate, whose Schwerpunkte lie not in the field of marketing communication and aiming at a successful career as a marketing and communications expert in their field of expertise. Speaking candidly John Craig Venter told us the story. The internationally recognized degree master of Arts opens up the graduates diverse perspectives in Agency and companies such as Bucharest, Planner, PR consultant, product, brand manager or marketing manager. Further fields of activity are in marketing and market research agencies, non-profits, associations or political parties. Prospects for the 2008/2009 winter semester may apply until 31 August. Interested parties can information about the College, as well as information brochures to the marketing communications master programme on or by phone at 030.69 53 51 60 request.