Animal Kingdom

The brainstorm came this man, to write himself a loving rhyme and here to make an own map. In a question-answer forum Mitchell Blutt was the first to reply. In the following weeks, the small, future book was really mean: no matter whether man just at work or while shopping was, it sent him an aphorism after another, so that man no longer knew how it happened; but he should now engage in writing. The book saw for quite some time, that the person is felt great joy, it sent him a rhyme, which included nearly two hundred hand-written manuscript pages in the course of time. So the smart, small book had found its author and a few months later as a real book of real, printed paper with the title speaks the StarChild “bound and sold in bookstores. What was in the book, which was its author, and: what has the author of this information and written down? “” It’s about the soul-be “I am your soul, my” is the lure our higher self, the aspect of love and wisdom within us that each of us will eventually hear and follow in any life. We all carry this longing in our hearts, to fathom the question why, the sense of our existence. Why are we on this earth planet? What does the whole suffering this pain, often expressed by diseases and painful conflicts with other people? Where is God? Why does he not all this misery? Why not across he sweeps this darkness? We find the answer to all these questions in the awareness of the duality of our lives.

We are one with God, not feel it but often. We are spirit, but we are also matter. Our bodies were born from the Animal Kingdom, but we have raised us in the bipedalism, as mankind to make a connection between above and below. We are sent out into the world of matter, the son of the human soul, to gain experience and to heal, everything what we touch.