Obesity And Health

Obesity and health Obesity is defined as the rapid increase in body mass, this can be caused by genetic predisposition and also by poor eating habits. Many people believe that having a few extra kilos can enjoy a splendid health, it is not well and that obesity may be accompanied by many other health complications such as heart problems Hypertension Diabetes Osteoporosis Self-Esteem Problems Poor Health Habits and inadequate intake of calories and fat makes the body absorbs and generates both weight gain and susceptibility to other serious health problems. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., another great source of information. In obese people often want to get back into shape but just having to go to a gym or strenuous dieting causes headache read also on a diet where you eliminate foods that provide energy to the body can cause the person feel weak.

Today many methods used to lose weight while eating certain foods or eating in proportionate amounts such as patches, appetite suppressants, reducing gels, strips of plaster or latex or in many cases tablets, syrups or natural emulsions, all these alternative treatments can be effective since they are used in the right way, often the results are not desired since that the person has a tendency to be obese. Among pharmacological treatments are the Xenical, the drug is not an appetite suppressant, acting simply avoiding some of the fat a person consumes from being absorbed by the body and has a weight gain also helps maintain a stable weight and avoids rapid weight loss. The use of Xenical not limit the type of food you can eat, using Xenical you can eat any type of medication should only do so in amounts provided and follow their usual diet with intake of fruits, vegetables and cereals as these provide vitamins and nutrient addition does not require any exercise routine or physical activity should not be hard just to keep a sedentary lifestyle as a sedentary lifestyle prevents While food is metabolized and disposed of the body is often a person with a diet with lots of calories and a sedentary lifestyle prevents the body burn fat and calories with exercise or physical activity, and this makes these fats accumulate in the body and that’s when problems arise overweight.