CDs Teacher

Start learning English can be three years. In this age the child already has the vocabulary in their native language, knows the names of vegetables, fruits, animals, basic colors, can count to ten. In studies kids should definitely include phonetic exercises to immediately put the correct pronunciation. This is also done in game form. In addition, the need to give exercises to develop fine motor finger – this is it develops and prepares kids to hand the letter. This can be a painting circled around the contour, modeling and application.

In order for the lessons was the effect, kids should study English language at least three times a week, and with five years can be twice a week. If English is good, the kid happy, you can increase the number of hours. Do not wait for the results from children immediately, especially during the first month of employment. Babies absorb everything like a sponge, but the returns begins not at once. Some simply shy, and only a few months later revealed how much they actually know.

A few tips to parents 1.Do not attempt to teach the child yourself, if you do not speak foreign language at a high level. Then he will be hard to retrain. 2.If your child is engaged in English in kindergarten, we should not impose on it too much hope. As a rule, in the garden language engaged in haphazard, more for entertainment. 3.Obyazatelno check the professional level of your English teacher. Talk to the teacher, visit a lesson. If classes are held in Russian language, if children are all lesson sitting at the table and not play – from such lessons do little good. A good teacher for English lessons with the kids necessarily alternate activities: outdoor games, exercises for the fingers and tongue, songs. See what the literature uses your teacher – if there is additional material – CDs, cards and toys. Find out what the teacher is going to give this year that next year – a serious teacher must have a plan. In short, the main advice – give the kid a good professional hands.

Post-Partum Anxiety

As recognized by experienced moms, the mental state of many of them in the first weeks after birth, it was far from ideal. Even if a woman understands the mind that having a baby – real happiness, often in the head against the will climb gloomy thoughts. Meanwhile, the duty of every person – to be happy. Dr. Mark Hyman is full of insight into the issues. Hence, the real and imaginary problems should get rid of. Problem: You think that you will never be owned by yourself, you will not be free time, and all future life will be held in trouble and anxiety for the child. Pour oil on the fire of their elderly relatives, without exaggeration, a sadistic saying about "small bedki. Solution: Your life has indeed changed, but the main person in his life is still you.

If you are afraid of the hardships and responsibilities for childcare, this is only because you're not very confident. Something like this you have already many times successfully overcome: accustomed to the kindergarten, learned how to allocate their forces at the university, became a good wife. Each new stage in life frightens us because we are afraid to be inept, incompetent, simply can not cope. But in these moments we have a reliable partner – a lively interest. You were curious as to what will be in school. You're wondering how to grow your baby. This means that the process of education – it is not painful duty, but fascinating work, where you can show all their talents.