Industrial and Warehouse Space

Paul – the most important element and heavy-industrial and warehouse space. Floor coverings are high chemical, abrasion and mechanical stress, and thus must satisfy a number of requirements: – be durable (ie, durable, strong) and nicely furnished, for a long time. One of the modern types of hardening and protection of concrete floors, is the use of hardening mixtures ( Topping, ie – self-leveling floor). Concrete cover with reinforced top layer are obtained by treating the surface of fresh concrete with dry formulations that are rubbed with betonootdelochnoy machine. As a result, application of this technology increases the strength of the concrete floor and wear resistance. However, coverage is provided for use in heavy machinery, foundries, forging shops and workshops repair and free transport equipment (how and why it is done in the west, see below). Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Under these conditions, covering short-lived and unnecessarily expensive.

0,4-0.6 mm thick coating is a client $ 12.10 per square meter, and a useful service 6-12 months in schadaschem mode. Such coverage excludes any transfer of technology and shifting, even without heavy equipment and tar – the concrete is revealed instantly. Filling coating thickness of 15-20 mm. $ 90-110 per square meter, life on machine-building enterprises, 25 -30 years – as promised, but . 1) After the work performed by your contractor, the floor looks brilliant, and you can easily sign the acceptance certificate for the work done (photos on the Internet, made contractors, a lot). For more information see Jon Medved. But soon it turns out – that even the thorns from the wheels of transport left an indelible mark.