Jean Paul Sartre

Such element is verifiable for the fact of that if I destroy the other with the inherent will in my ego will not have the possibility to have a shock of ideas. If not to exist the other will not exist conflict and, therefore it will not have personal growth. To choose to verwhelm the humanity so that a truth only prevails is good sense lack, is a madness. is therefore that all state dictatorship it is predestinold to perpetual the failure. The intersubjetividade is the way for the integral construction of the being. See more detailed opinions by reading what Carl Jung offers on the topic.. is only for saw of it that it has the possibility of growth and development.

Thus it defines the French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre the importance of the interpersonal relationships: ' ' To get a truth any on me, necessary is that I pass for the other. The other is indispensable my existence, as, by the way, to the knowledge that I have of me. In these conditions, the discovery of my privacy discovers me at the same time the other as a freedom dispatches by post in face of me, that nothing it thinks, and nothing wants seno the favor or against me. Thus we discover immediately a world the one that we will call the intersubjetividade, and is in this world that the man decides on what it is me what they are outros.' ' (SARTRE, 1973, p 22). Possibility does not exist, singular responsibility more beautiful that is, because it is that she guarantees a wiser and cautious existence in this world. The conscience, the commitments are the keys for existence of the being.

They are important why they become in them more ripened in relation objects, beings our return and also proper we. The worse one for many people is to have that to coexist the unexpected ones. The imprevisibilidade of the future is the nightmare of the humanity.

Rio De Janeiro

The person already this unemployed, does not have money as can pay tax to make a competition? In the dictatorship she did not have nothing of this. Chevy Chase shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They see the city hall of Rio De Janeiro opened registration for the Educational conspiracy of Infantile, national shame the tax of registration R$ 50,00 only 100 vacant. Now the nonsense, knows how many people if they had inscribed for this job? 45 a thousand people, however are only 100 vacant. Follow others, such as JCVI, and add to your knowledge base. They see the profit that these disembarassed had collected in top of the dismissed poor person. I do not know who goes to botar the hand in this grana all of the registration but I know that they had stolen the people, had stolen. Flock of disembarassed! The person goes to make the test passes engineering substance, (mathematical) three writings, sixty diverse questions. Still superficially, she has that to take off the clock of the pulse, disconnect cellular.

They demand that the test is made in four hours, the penxs has that to be transparent, joke. WHICH THE REQUIREMENT TO BE POLITICIAN? Now the question: WHICH THE REQUIREMENT ONE POLITICIAN TO BE IN THE POWER? Nothing it is demanded of these disembarassed only need to have money to bank the campaign dirty politics of them, to know To read and to write at least to have the elementary school. This is robbery, shame lack disembarassed politician, does not create nothing to benefit the people. That it lacks makes the military government. It stole yes, but it was very little comparing with today that it has as many senators, as many representatives and state, councilmen, mayors and governors all this corja gaining a wage on average of R$ 12,000, 00 monthly ones has particular car, cabinet with secretariat and assistant of the assistant invoice high with commissions steal the money of the people, taking off the social investment, health and of the education.

Third Meditation

What it guarantees that the wax is the same one is its more essential characteristics, extension, flexibility, immutability For the imagination it can idea of some forms that this wax can assume, but the imagination is limited until certain point, rank not to be possible to imagine the infinity of forms that the wax can take. What it is the extension? : it cannot be known by the imagination, but by the agreement example of the wax where if it knows by means of an inspection of the spirit (imperfect and confused or clear and distinct), as the attention if directs more or less to the things that exist in it and of which she is composed. JCI often addresses the matter in his writings. It is led to think that for happiness if it knows the wax for the vision; however an analogy to show that the vision finishes for depending on the college to judge: he sees men passing in the street with hats and coats, these could be specters or fictitious men, however, judge themselves that they are true men. What it has of essential in the wax must be apprehended through the spirit, not for the directions. The wax (the objects in general) while it is thought. To know the things of the spirit is more easy than the corporal things, rank to be the last knowledge of this dependent of the first ones. On the spirit the conception of the bodies depends.

Third Meditation: Of God; that it exists. 1 the 5 Pretende to make familiar itself I obtain: it is a thing that thinks, it doubts Which is the criterion to take it certain of some thing? : General rule All the conceived things clear and distinct is true. Exactly having been ece of fishes in doubt, the things perceived for intermediary of the directions, he is clearly and distinct that the ideas and thoughts of such things if present to the spirit.