Finished Project Cottage

Advantages of owning your own country real estate has become apparent to many people living in Moscow. Fosun Group understands that this is vital information. In addition to known factors such as location of people gathered to live and the suburbs, must take into account a few more points when choosing a project cottage, which will be erected on the future of housing. Among them are the following: the house must meet the level of the place where it is built, the proportionality of the site and homes and the right architectural decision. In order to accommodate all the requirements, it is wise to choose a final project cottage. When you get a lot of advantages, among which the most important may be considered less time expectations of the result, since the development of full project could take up to six months, matching the result of necessary technical and sanitary standards. By the same.

You can always make inessential changes. On what do you need to stop your account when selecting ready-made designs of cottages? We give the basic details that define success. Currently there are no restrictions on what size must be a cottage. Only when selecting the project note that the number of bedrooms must match the composition of the family, and in case of a young family's future expansion. On the parents should have one bedroom, the children – even steam. Do not forget that the guests must also leave a room.

If the project involves the cottage more than one stage, you need to figure out what is used for lifting. In this capacity are usually used the stairs. Check to see if it satisfies the requirements of security. In addition to ladders possible option of using the elevator or lift platform. What materials should be built cottage? As often happens in life, the only the right decision no. The main materials for the construction of town houses are brick, logs, log normal. The man, who grew up in the city, already accustomed to brick and demands the same from finished projects cottages, which are being offered. Among the benefits of brick houses can provide fire resistance, architectural significance and relatively low construction time. Among the shortcomings of the most significant is low thermal efficiency, which forces to build additional resources for the installation and operation of the heating system. No less important can be called ill-adapted to regulating humidity brick inside the house. Analyzing the finished projects of cottages, please note that in the warm season you'll be spending most of their time indoors in the summer, among which are the veranda, balcony and facing towards the garden loggia. Also, determine whether the house is oriented to the cardinal, because natural lighting is an important factor in maintaining physical and mental health.

Affordable Housing

DATA on the Eurostat, the cheapest housing in Europe is in Estonia and Bulgaria. Prices here start with Russian money of 100 thousand rubles. In the Estonian provinces, for example, called Pussi, for the same amount to buy an apartment area of 50 square meters. m, although it will require a major overhaul. But buying property in Bulgaria for 100 thousand rubles is quite possible in the area of Rousse – it will house the area of 80-150 square where immediately possible to live. Over 150 thousand rubles in Estonia town of Kohtla-Jarve can find apartments and homes in relatively good condition, and in Bulgaria, near Vratsa and Montana is quite possible to buy an apartment or a house, even the furniture. Russians usually prefer acquires real estate in Bulgaria.

The advantages are obvious. First of all, an excellent climate. It's paradise for asthmatics – healthy air, practically, does not develop the disease. Second, nature. In Bulgaria, there is everything from the sea and ending around the corner. Third, Bulgaria – a country of the European Union. No comments. In 2011, the country should join the Schengen area.

The only disadvantage of buying a house in Bulgaria is that the ownership of land is not directly at issue alien. So we have to create a Bulgarian company and arrange for her land. to achieve this success. In fact, the record Ltd. (similar to the Russian company) fairly fast, easy and cheap. And for the balance of 'zero' firms foreigners are created solely for the purpose of registration on their land ownership rights, there are plenty of accounting firms that for 'pennies' will take time for the owners Ltd. 'zero' balance sheets. In addition, according to EU direktevy January 1, 2014 Bulgaria should adopt a law allowing foreigners to own land in this country. So Bulgaria – this is the best option!