Organization Management

It needs a dialogued evaluation that generates a system of information for decision taking. The trends contemporaries of performance management point with respect to the importance of the democratization of performance, clear rules and tangible […]

Aloe Vera in South America

When intervening with the treatment it can diminish the action of comprovadamente efficient alopticos medicines. The HIV in the development of the opportunist illnesses can cause the death, to draw out its existence has that […]

The Separation

The unique way in which you will be able to obtain this is to maintain a distance of your fianc2e. It remembers, your ex- ones broke anyway with you. Reason why clearly it wants space […]


Cheer up! We offer ideas simple, but effective, to achieve the desired figure without starving or throwing in the towel at the first opportunity. 1 – Do not pretend the impossible: Losing weight takes time. […]


Obviously the education of emotions requires an initial training but also training. This type of education is important because it can become a specific prevention, prevention of stress, depression, interpersonal conflicts, while power development as […]