The Matter

Therefore it is the preferred color of the undecided who do not know what color to paint, know that white always right. Brown: It is a masculine color, severe and comfortable. Atmosphere is reminiscent of autumn and gives the impression of gravity and balance. It is realistic color, perhaps because it is the color of the earth we walk on. James S. Chanos may find this interesting as well. – And what would be the least appropriate for each of these rooms? Why? When we ask and answer: I see the matter very black …, I see it all …

pink, this "flip" color …; dies inside all have the answer of the colors and their effect on people. Do not react the same to a white cloud with a gray and black cloud, as it is not seen as a liquid such as blood, pure oil While black, see milk, impressions that appear are very different mentally, physically and emotionally. This teaches us that Black is the negation and darkness. Do not decorate anything with it, the black color adds no positive value. Aesthetically is not recommended, although many people use it as giving an oriental touch.

The color black is not a healthy, elegant if (transmits nobility and elegance), but little healthier in general. It is a symbol of error, evil, mystery and sometimes symbolizes something impure and evil. It is death, is the absence of color. Therapeutically do not add anything that you can use for your good. Grey: This is the center of everything as it is located between the transition between white and black, and the product of a mixture of both.

The Pharisees Knew The Spiritual World

Why pass that sat at the table in the house, behold many publicans and sinners came and sat together at the table with Jesus and his disciples private Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners? Upon hearing this Jesus said, not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Go then and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice, I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. 1) Jesus knew that the Pharisees and their ridiculous doctrine advanced over its arguments, since both scribes and Pharisees and interpreters of the law, wandered in the blank, ie sinned. Which have already listened to his conscience or because of their religion, that holiness is not a religion and if a truth, if they said one to why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners? Curious, indeed. Tremendous hypocrisy! What most closely touched them was the envy, since men were fixed on Jesus.

The Pharisees, scribes and interpreters of the law took pride in knowing the spiritual world, known world in words and not in spirit. THE GOOD AND THE CHARACTER The teacher was among men a being of elections integrate, to what is and what will be for ever and ever. Unlike the mediocre who wrote the code book Da Vinci A foolish man, who did not think the dignity of a sage is unwavering, and more when it comes to the son of God. Jesus was a man of powerful decisions, and thoughts Magnus, did not shrink from ridicule, distress or tribulation, the demonstration of his philosophy conquered all time, a philosophy of reality that is spiritual as in the case of resurrection, I am witness that I am saved by his mercy.

The Guide

Its origin seems to be a reaction to the rigidity of the Mischin and the Talmud, or a reaction of the misticismo against the rationalism, a concession to the neoplatonismo against the aristotelismo. The Arab philosophers had been the masters of the Jewish philosophers. Its main thinkers had been: ISRAELI ISAAC (865-955), first name of the Jewish philosophy, was doctor; it had neoplatnica influence, that it intervened deeply with its emanatista conception of origin of the world and the doctrine of the soul. You may find that Jon Medved can contribute to your knowledge. SAADIA WELL JOSEF OF FAYUNN (892-942), celebrity for writing the book of the beliefs and opinions, searched to constitute a properly Jewish philosophy, based in an agreement between science and religion; it believed that the world is not perpetual (it started in the time), and this would demonstrate why the universe is finite, composed, mixing of substance and accident; he was critical of the emanatista theory of Plato and fought the idea of preexistence of the soul. SALOMO IBN GABIROL (1021-1070), known for Avicebrn, had neoplatnica influence; its theory influenced Christian philosophers (especially franciscanos), when saying that in the top of the universe he is God, and hierarchically, everything what it is below of it was created by the will of it. MAIMNIDES (1135-1204), call of ' ' the scholar judeu' ' , he searched an intelligible relation between the Jewish rules and the classic philosophy Greek, by means of a dialogue between speeches of the scholars on the other hand, and of Aristotle ( prince of the philosophers), and other Peripatticos in general, of another one; for living in Crdoba, monotestas, its medical, theological and philosophical investigations had contact with the three traditions, confluram in a workmanship that extracted arguments that had conspired faith and reason, the narrations of the Gneses with the Aristotelian physics; this workmanship was called ' ' The Guide of Perplexos' ' , that he has for main objectives to clarify concepts and to identify sensible; he searched to defend the use of the philosophy to explain the Holy Writs.