Health Insurance

for compensation for injury to life or health of one person. The total limit of liability for an insured event cmtpl is 400 thousand rubles. How much is the insurance? Because responsibility for third party liability insurance is set by law, tariff plans for this type of insurance is regulated by the government. Thus, policies osago all the companies selling the same conditions and at the same price. However, in each case, auto insurance price is determined individually, taking into account the degree of risk posed by a driver and car. Price policy osago consists of the base rate, taking into account a certain number of coefficients and the validity of the insurance. Today, for passenger cars owned by individuals base rate is 1,980 rubles Tariff plans cmtpl consider seniority and age of persons admitted to driving, their number, make and model of vehicle, volume and power of the engine, body type and cat of release, length of run.

The more accidents happen in one way or another region, the more often made payoff, but means higher loss ratio insurance companies. To align costs and revenues of firms in regions with a high accident rate acts regional factor. In Moscow today, the regional factor is 2. Calculated coefficient of bonus-malus associated with the personal level of accidents, it characterizes each individual driver. Disciplined driver, never who became responsible for the accident, the coefficient of ‘bonus – malus’ will reduce the price of insurance osago 5% for 1 yr. Conversely, , every now and then provocative accident, this ratio significantly increase the price of the policy. If you go without crashing – the system will allow you to save money on insurance. Though prices for osago in all insurance companies Moscow are the same, it does not mean that there is no difference where to buy it. Many corporations are tied to the purchase osago discounts on other types of auto insurance. As a rule, complete with osago offer more cheap hull. There are also other options. In particular, the company ‘ROSNO’ in addition to the policy osago offers for funny money (as little as 30 rubles). dsago to purchase insurance to guarantee compensation for losses of 600 thousand rubles. And a cheap insurance policy for voluntary Health Insurance (VHI), which guarantees medical support in case of injuries as a result of an accident.

Traffic Police

Tips for the exam in the traffic police general, to take the exam in the traffic police in categories "A" And "learn in driving school is optional. Enough to pass a medical examination, to come to the traffic police, there you will find out which days will be held exams and pay a receipt for both exams (theoretical and practical). The most important thing you need for the exam is confident in their knowledge of the rules of the sda and the ability to drive. To get these skills better finish the driving school. Different driving schools show different percentage of examinations among their students, such as a driving school in Novgorod showed 90% of donations. Perhaps this skill of teachers. But not We hope for it completely, and at first pay attention to the following: 1.

In order to better absorb the material for each lesson should be to motivate yourself, set your brain. Our brain has a certain degree of inertia, To generate long-term memory to some repetition of material, the number of repetitions at each person individually. Define for yourself, trust yourself, do not rely on someone. 4. Let's imagine respite. Break allows you to relax your brain and absorb the accumulated material. 5.

Be confident. Think about the success, think about how well you understand the material. This saves you from stress and give energy and Power to learn more material. 6. Errors – your way to mastery. Error is a unique opportunity to adjust their actions, treat them as feedback. They bring you closer to the goal of victory. Such thinking would give you confidence and an exam, and in life.