Going To Work

I made sure that no one can question my loyalty and commitment to my work and its results. Without wishing to be sure that all my family doubted my commitment to them and the success of the family. They were in last place when it came to my priorities. There will be plenty of time later to promote the family, I thought. They love me and I wait. I had a list of excuses why he had to be at work. I had a team of adequate size, but to hear me say, the place caught fire if I did not exist.

So I went to work. I needed a change of priorities. It was not until I was in the back of an ambulance on the verge of a stroke and a paramedic standing over me, I inject drugs to stop my heart, I took a real study of my life. Do yourself and those around you a favor, check out its life better and what really matters, while you can. I've always had the best of intentions, but not the best planning. Many very successful people have said that no shortage of ideas, plans fail.

I think we can relate this to our lives too. Not that we are failures in our lives, our planning and priorities are misplaced. We must plan our priorities and set a course for a purpose for our lives. Along with our own priorities, we must also recognize and respect the priorities of our spouse and those around us.