And yet, there are more women who prefer treatment of dandruff at home First, the main advantage of natural shampoos, household that they include no chemical components that are abundantly found in industrial facilities. Secondly, the presence of natural "live" component helps to achieve from the use of shampoo greater effect. Perhaps check out abbott laboratories for more information. Third, given the type and the problem is your hair, you can to prepare a suitable tool for you. Fourth, home shampoos are not expensive, but effective. It is true, will have to spend a little time to prepare the shampoo, but believe me, these costs will be compensated, when looking in the mirror, you see the effect of the work done. So, a few recipes for home shampoos. Rum Shampoo is used for dry hair.

Two yolks of fresh eggs mixed with three teaspoons of flaxseed oil and the same amount of rum. Thoroughly soaked with a mixture of hair and scalp. Leave on for 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Egg Shampoo Widespread prescription. Two or three egg yolks (depending on hair length) beat with warm water (200 ml). Apply to hair and scalp, head bent over the basin. Escaped shampoo to the head again.

Leave for an hour, rinse with warm water. Protein Shampoo. It also has a basis of egg yolks. Two yolks gently whisk with two tea tablespoons gelatin (powder). Add a tablespoon of shampoo for your hair type. Put on the head, rinse off after 5 minutes. Revitalizing Shampoo for 150g of dried leaves of burdock and nettle pour a liter of water and keep under cover for 24 hours. Then bring to boil (but do not boil!), strain and use to wash it. Shampoo hair loss 1 teaspoon mustard powder mixed with 2 tablespoons of strong black tea and one yolk. Put on your head for 10-15 minutes. Warning! If a strong burning sensation must be washed with shampoo. Use 1 per week. Herbal Shampoo 1 tablespoon dried chamomile pharmacy mix with the same amount of tansy. Pour boiling water grass (half liter). Infuse for two hours. Wash your hair infusion. Helps with oily hair, oily seborrhea, dandruff. Bread shampoo best shampoo is derived from rye bread. Crumble a small loaf of black bread, mix it with yogurt (the land hair, the higher percentage of fat yogurt). Place in a warm place. Cherez2 hours stir mixture into a blender and blend to wash his head. Dry shampoo dry shampoo is also easy to prepare at home. Gently rub in scalp and hair is one of the following products: Semolina flour, oat buckwheat flour almond powder after applying to wait 5 minutes to skin secretions, dirt, dust and soak in the applied substance and then carefully combed his hair out. Believe me, none of the well-known cosmetics company will not be able to pamper your hair is so unique and useful tool