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“” Birger Dulz, specialist in Psychiatry and psychoTherapie / psychosomatische and psychoTherapie, chief physician of the Department of personality disorders/trauma “the Asklepios Hospital North in Hamburg and editor of the journal of personality disorders – theory and therapy”. Together with colleagues he founded the Hamburg network borderline”, which in addition to the dissemination of technical know-how has the improvement of patient care locally to the target. Jochen Eckert, President of the German psychological society for conversation psychotherapist, Professor of psychoLogie in Hamburg. The focus of his scientific research are among others the comparative therapy research and work of group psychotherapy and research questions in the context of psychotherapy training. Educate yourself with thoughts from Haley Barbour. The event will be moderated by Dirk Revenstorf, Emeritus Professor of clinical psychology at the University of Tubingen, regional manager of the Milton h. Erickson society Tubingen and head of Milton Erickson Academy.

As a graduate psychologist, he has a broad range of experience and has completed several courses of therapy: behavior therapy (banks, Munich) Gestalt Therapy (upholstery, San Diego, United States) Hypnotherapy (show, Lankton, Carter, Gilligan United States) and physical therapy (Pierrakos, New York). The admission price is for participants of the Cologne therapy days”in the Conference fee include, other interested parties can purchase cards for the price of 5,-per person at the box office. Learn more about the discussion on the page of the Cologne therapy days “on the Internet are available for download:..podiumsdiskussion.pdf. Through the Academy for behavioral therapy the AVT GmbH Academy for behavioral therapy Cologne was founded in 1991 and is a nationally recognized educational Institute. Psychologists with diploma or master’s degree to psychological psychotherapists are trained in a three-year training course. In addition, AVT offers “Continuing education programs for doctors, as well as training in Psychotrauma therapy and systemic therapy for behavioral therapists to and organizes every year the Cologne therapy days”. Press contact have any questions about this release? Do you want more information, photographs, illustrations or text templates for articles? Just call me or send me your wishes by eMail: Sandra pills, psychologist AVT GmbH Academy for behavioral therapy of Venlo str.

Gerhard Daiger

And this, while on some secondary schools now experienced dictations (no joke) written some students will achieve even a corresponding note. Not to mention the English notes. Too bad, because today, English is so important. 90% of all applications containing spelling mistakes. “We found up to 16 write error in the simple cover letter! So, were very simple words misspelled or missing. An indictment”, as Gerhard Daiger,” where everybody knows today that an application should be properly written especially since the cover letter can be proofread by parents or friends.

This makes sense then, especially, if here a writing weakness should be. Often, not even the name of our company or our address was spelled correctly. But also the sender address was sometimes missing on the DIN-A 4 envelopes or errors were on the cover crossed out and corrected. By the same author: Haley Barbour. How “fit” something works for someone, which is about a job as a clerk / man for Office communication promotes everyone can easily Imagine”. Further followed in the hit list of unnecessary errors blotted ink when printed, diagonally affixed to passports or passport photos, cut at an angle or dirty, printed photos, this faded, poor quality or totally blur torn with ink-jet printers updated photos very artificially worked diagonally scanned no signature in the cover letter, references, resume with kinks, trapped hair of whatsoever, dirty, even bad smell.

Some solutions were already several times on the road. Once a candidate has even the code his own (!) Phone number incorrectly written. Often called the candidate from your mobile with appropriate background noise, as for example a young lady said: “I am currently on the station the train is just, and I have to go, so a moment, please.” Meanwhile, the Arnufende entered the train and sought a seat, she said. But even when calls to ordinary telephone lines has not been on a quiet environment respected, but often loud noises in the background were distracting, such as current TV.

Bernhard Grzimek

The Festival programme spans a wide arc: a the nine films in competition to name a few, are located the prize money in the amount of apply for 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 EUR. The movies go the questions about who owns the sea, reveal the biofuel lie, deal with the myth of forest or accompany a farmer who hear the grass grow. On the other hand numerous award-winning documentaries appear, such as ‘The Yes Men fix the world’, winner of the panorama of audience prize at the Berlinale 2009, or ‘Crude’, a film about the largest environmental lawsuit in the world against the oil giant Chevron. Bernhard Grzimek would have been 100 years old this year. To honor cinema will be shown in the foyer of the Caligari an exhibition on his life and work him. An evening dedicated to Atlantis Film Festival throughout his films, among them: ‘No place for wild animals’ and numerous short films from the ‘ 50s, still in black and white. Is a very rare opportunity to see these films on the big screen. In the short film program, Christian Grzimek guest will be.

Knowledge is power and information is a key to change the world. Since many films show how individual and small groups against seemingly overwhelming interests for the military use, invite you to a very special evening Naturefund and Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival. “On the 14th October finds a in the Caligari FilmBuhne discussion night titled can we shape the future?” instead. Matthias Bonsen, management consultant and specialist in the question with, we discuss, how to create rapid change in large groups. Ariane Hildebrandt of Greenpeace, Bertram Verhaag, filmmakers about visionary projects, Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund and with you! Tell us your opinion: we can help shape the future? Rounded the Festival is designed by a varied programme of Eve, for families, to provide an attractive film offer just in the autumn holidays for all generations. Naturefund, the new partners of the Atlantis of nature and environment Film Festival, is committed to bring the diverse nature and environmental themes of the Festival many people as possible.

How could we better disseminate relevant environmental issues, as with such fantastic movies? So you can impart knowledge and information exciting and that is ultimately the basis for changes “, said Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund, at the press conference. See, there is the Festival program, movie trailers, information about the films, as well as a raffle for the Festival, which starts in October. Tickets for the festival films can be won in the sweepstakes. The main prize is an overnight stay in the legendary black buck, a film evening in the Caligari and buffet breakfast included. For those who do not like to play or win any prize, there is the festival map: 25 movies for 25 EUR! Organizer of the ATLANTIS of nature and environment Film Festival is the cultural Office of the city of Wiesbaden, venue is the Festival marketplace 9, the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden on Friday, around 7.30 P.m. inaugurated October 3. The culmination of the Festival will be on Saturday 17 October at 20.00 Watch the awards ceremony took place.


The .causing agent I specify (virus, fungo or bacterium) is important that it is identified so that is directed an antibiotic specifies for that microorganism. It matters to stand out itself that this behavior will help to prevent the mechanism antimicrobiana resistance in the treatment of the respiratory infections. In turn, the indiscriminate antibiotic use is the main cause of the recurrent infections, being distinguished mainly among children. After that a description of the Hospital Dr. Odorico Amaral de Matos becomes.

Finally, then, the exposition of the results of the research. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL In 2002, Palombini et al. (2002) they had concluded that the pneumonia is a pathology that cause inflammation of aerial ways, reaches parnquima pulmonary, involving the bronchis, bronchioles and the pleura. It classifies itself in communitarian nosocomial and, but its classification will depend on the acometido place. It is an illness that presents considered risk of adquiriz it and is five times superior for the hospital cases. We have as it has detached the high incidence in the individuals interned in units of intensive therapy.

Varela (2010) defines the fisiopatologia of the pneumonias as illnesses infections of the respiratory treatment that if lodge in the pulmes, double agencies located one of each side of the torcica box. They can attack the region of the pulmonary alveoli where they discharge the ramifications terminals of the bronchioles, and, to the times, the interstices (space between an alveolus and another one). Proton Cancer Centre is likely to agree. Basically, pneumonias are provoked by the penetration of an infectious or irritating agent as virus, fungos bacteria and for alrgicas reactions, in the alveolar space, where the gaseous exchange occurs. It is a place of the lung that must be always clean, exempts of substances that can hinder the contact it air with the blood; if this to occur with substance presence in this space, can cause respiratory disfunes.


CONDICIONANTES: When we relate in them to the condicionantes of the erosive processes, we are speaking of the vectors that will go to unchain these processes. We can cite the exgenos factors climate with the direct performance of the water of rains gravity (/encostas relief steep), type of vegetal covering, erodibilidade of ground (or vulnerability of the same ones in suffering erosion) antrpica eao.

3. GROUND AND LANDSCAPES AS OPEN SYSTEMS the formation of ground is the result of the interaction of many processes, in such a way geomorfolgicos as> edficos. These processes portray a variability in such a way secular and space significant, being of this form it is important to approach ground as a dynamic system. Being thus, the ground and the landscapes must be considered open systems 1. The thickness of the ground goes to depend on the taxes of its removal and formation, that is, in the areas where the removal is minimum, deep ground go to develop themselves; where the erosive action will be more active, the ground will be less thick. In the geomorfologia this can well be understood as a resultant rocking of the denudation 2. In this direction WAR (2004) apud PALMIERI and LARACH (2000), summarizes the relations between ground and landscapes well, when they detach the paper that the relief exerts in the development of ground, with great influence in the hdricas conditions. A schematical drawing is followed – of well simple form – to exemplificar the influence of the relief in the erosion taxes and 3 intemperismo. Plainer areas tend the lesser taxes of erosion, in compensation, steeper areas provide to greaters denudation taxes. Schematical drawing of the erosion taxes and intemperismo: Figure 01: Erosion x Intemperismo 3.

Peter Berger Much

Already with Werther Holzer (1997) a counterpoint to the concepts of Robert Sack is found, a time that the first one demonstrates that possibilities of constitution of territories exist are of a planned order or a delimitation of borders, understanding the territory as a set of places, and, therefore where if they develop affective bonds and of cultural identity of social groups. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mississippi Development Authority. It hisses (2000) detaches that basically, Holzer (1997) deals with the territoriality as the expression the lived behaviors, that is, so that thus is possible to understand as the social groups command and systemize its world ideologically, symbolically, space, how much to the relations of being able and its nature, and in this in case that, how much to the urban territorialities. For It hisses (2000, P. 23), ' ' the city is presented with an overlapping, joint, juxtaposition of territories. The groups that are part of a territoriality resist, establish pacts and influence the formation of others territrios.' '. Being thus, when dealing with ' ' pessoalidade as basic element of the culture and the urban territorialities in small cidade' ' (2000, P.

24), It hisses also appeals to the Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann (1985) and to the Lefebvre (1991) how much to the creation human being in the daily one, since the direction of the behaviors if constructs in day-by-day. Therefore, ' ' the daily life is structuralized and secularly in different way in each sociedade&#039 space; ' (IT HISSES, 2000, P. 25), being that in the small cities it has certain regularity of the facts, with strong influence of the nature and the traditions, that is, the mechanisms of control in the family, neighborhood, square and spaces of sociability are articulated culturally. The author if sends to the notion of ' ' convenincia' ' used for Pierre Mayol (1996), thought from the necessity to coexist and to get social recognition in the small city.

John MacArthur

Another point to be detached in the article of the author is the following one: ' ' said God: Let us make the man to our image, as our similarity; dominates on the fish of the sea, and on the birds of skies, and on the cattle, and all the land, and all the reptile that if moves on terra.' ' Gnesis 1:26. God made to each one of us Its image and similarity, so that let us reign and also let us dominate the land. For this reason the people to our redor have that looking in them and having certainty of that we are believing! Exactly without opening the mouth, without a doubt some for they, have that in showing to servants and children to them of God! She dominates above all: fish, cattle, birds, animals, therefore God underneath placed already them of our authority, of men and women of God. He stops and he thinks: are dominated you whom she is dominating or still you are? Then, from today on, he augurs: ' ' I go to dominate in Christ! ' ' Therefore, the Word says that as you imagine, thus you .' ' To dominate the land? To be different in agreement the author describes, must be the salt of the land and the light of the world. (Mateus 5:13 – 16), that is, to walk as Jesus walked. ' ' said to it: IDE for the whole world and you nail evangelho to all criatura.' ' (Landmarks 16:15) One asks important where this writing that what you imagine to be, you it are? I agree to what John MacArthur says: ' ' All heresy it comes mounted in lombo of tolerncia.' ' The man loves hearing these things, therefore he makes well for the ego: IT DETERMINES! IT HAS NOT ACCEPTED! YOU ARE HEAD AND NOT TAIL! Thanks to God who its misericrdias are the reason not to be consumed every day.

The Narrative

From it I break up the perception that has is that for Luizinha its envolvement was more sentimental, as mentioned it mentions it to it as girl, is attributed to it characteristic pure, but that the proper Leonardo classifies as without flavor. It does not idealize it with perfect traces and it describes yes it in its bashful gestures detaching distant aspects of a beautiful profile. Already when it is mentioned it places it to the Vidinha as woman and the description that has is characteristic total different of Luizinha. The personage is described in more sensual and attractive aspects evidencing its power of seduction in relation to the men. In addition they were added to its you endow physicists, a well advanced behavior how much to the one of the young women of the time.

Vidinha was shot and objective in its passions. It has the following description of the young woman: Vidinha was one mulatinha of 18 the 20 years, of regular height, wide shoulders modified chest, fine waist and teeny feet; it had the very black eyes and many livings creature, the thick and humid lips, the teeth we alvssimos says, it was a little rested, candy and sharpened. (ALMEIDA, 1999, p.128) For this woman of so beautiful characteristics, Leonardo if leaves to attract provisorily forgetting, the ashamed Luizinha, with which it had had a idlio only of counted looks and subtler. Later, after many confusions already exerting military career it arrives to be married Luizinha. 6.RELAO MAN AND the FAITH the religion in Memories of a Sergeant of Military services already suffers great depression, since it takes care of the realistic trend. The representatives of the clergy who present themselves in the narrative they are endowed with characteristics that if they total deviate from the representation of the church before the society. Beyond what its integrant ones display aspects whose faith and the respeitos decay.

Proto Self Object

Already the secondary emotions, that is the become states of feeling and feelings conscientious, occur having as base the emotions of deep, that they occur in the level of the Proto Self, in the Proto-self is a coherent set of neural standards that mapeiam to each moment, the state of the physical structure of the organism in its numerous dimensions (Damsio, 2000, P. 201). As it is called Central Self, considered for Damsio as a map of second order that has the property to follow the changes that occur in the Proto-self. Integrative Healthcare Symposium does not necessarily agree. In the form that describes its hypothesis the central conscience occurs when the cerebral mechanisms of representation generate a imagtico story, not verbal, of as the proper state of the organism it is affected by the processing of an object for the organism, and when this process enhances the image of the causative object, detaching it thus in a space context e> (Damsio, 2000, P. 219). Valley to stand out that for Damsio, representation and attention they are not considered in accordance with the perspective of the information processing. For the author the representation is the description that if makes of a standard of neuronal activation emerging of sistmica form in one determined cortical region. Already the attention is the process of evidenciao of an object that if finds in the perceptual field elapsing of an action of adjustment of the organism before the perceptual phenomenon and that it meets based in mechanisms of maintenance of the homostasis. The third process, called as biographical Self, is responsible for the emergency of the extended conscience. This Self acts mapeando the descriptions of second order carried through in the level of the Central Self in set with all the cortexs that are responsible for memories of long stated period, that is in set with the life history of the individual.