Motorists Of Divided Opinion About Bahner Strike

Divided opinions about drawn-out strikes in public transport / autoki-discussion shows: verdict on strike depends on the degrees of being affected from uu7 Autoki members and Pitti19 are affected, both directly by the labor dispute and are in favour of the strike basically. “As long as whoever had to accept null sessions and prints, also has the right, time to complain and as effectively as possible!” so uu7. Pitti19 finds that the significant profit growth of companies to the extent should be passed also on the staff. Both opinions may represent a total surprisingly moderate criticism of car friends on the extended strikes. The stronger the negative throw-in by Member LordFlex stands out. He points out that anyone who could afford a taxi to get to work, or who gone live too far from work, must sacrifice vacation days in case of doubt.

Apprentices who are instructed to arrive, with buses and trains to the work place are particularly affected. In General, it is also doubtful that the Verkehrsbetriebe alienate those people providing the wage of the employees. Autoki Member uu7 expressed understanding for the sub optimal”location of the apprentices, but retains his overall strike-friendly setting. Conclusion: The direct members of the strike are concerned, the negative reactions. The course of the discussion can be found under:…

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