Series: The Customer Touch Point Management (part 2)

The process of customer point of contact management In the management of the customer contact point chronologically all the contact points are considered together with the staff, considered a customer during a purchase process or in the course of which use relationship has or might have, from the point of view of the customer. This lists the critical events as well as the positive events, the him there at the moment of truth ‘ could happen or happen in the worst case. Finally is measured using the customer, optimized and further refined. In all of this are not only the primary and resale, but also the behavior of Word of mouth and recommendation willingness in the focus. Read more from Anu Saad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Because who is not now recommended, might tomorrow and day after tomorrow dead. The management of point of customer contact process consists of four steps: 1 the analysis in this step involves gathering the relevant contact points, the understanding of the processes and documenting the actual situation. These questions can be: Which customers how often occur where and on what occasions with what employees in the company contact? What experience the customer there? What are the processes at each point? Are they self centered or designed from customer point of view? They correspond to the natural behavior of the customer? Are they cross-Department co-ordinated? Are they brand compliant staged? Live, which promise brand and company staff as well? And how does all of this customer? What’s good? What have to go? What needs to be done differently or better in the future? And what has prevented us so far to do so? Is word of mouth and referral potential there a? Who are the range most powerful and most influential referrers? What offers are actually recommended? Where do not recommend strongly? The contact points, favored the customer? Which action stems from his point of view? What could strengthen the business relationship? And lurking where depopulation risks? How do we know this? Is there a Early warning system? 2. .